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This blog is specially dedicated to the world best Korean boy band, SUPER JUNIOR. As our  leader is going to enlist soon, I wish to do somethings for him. Nevertheless, I am just a small little fan girl who live far apart from those precious boys and can’t really do anything to show them my love. I have been fallen for these boys since 2010 (Yeah, it’s when the hit Bonamana was released ^^) but I have done nothing much other than buying their albums, viewing their MVs and doing some voting which perhaps at least helped out in some polls and awards? As time passed, I can’t stop myself from loving them more and more and more. They are so precious, wonderful, kind, warm, lovable and seductive. Tell me, how can you not fall for them once you really know them? They have been given so much of their love to their fans, their Everlasting Friends. That’s why I am truly touched and always wish to do more for them. I got really sad when I heard the news that our leader is going to enlist and will be leaving us for 2 years. No, I am not prepared to let him go yet, I will never be prepared. I still can’t imagine how the group will be without him, I still can’t imagine how my life will be without seeing him on stage with the other members, without seeing his angelic smile, without hearing his nonsense and stupid jokes. I will definitely miss him like hell when he is not around. However, he will need to go no matter what. We promised to wait but that is not enough. I want to do more! My love is too small compared to theirs. I need to do something so I can feel better when this angel is not around. So, this blog is born. This blog will be recording all about Super Junior, their pasts, their now, their future while Leeteuk oppa  is not around and also my feelings towards them.  I wish this blog can record everything so that the leader will not be missed out anything when he leave for military by reading this. Daydreaming? Maybe I am. But Sungmin oppa had said this before, if you want somethings badly then the things will come true. So I choose to keep believing like I always believe we will be together forever.

So, that is why this blog exists. This is the Sapphire Blue Ocean where we ELF can share the loves together while waiting for our beloved leader (and also Heenim, Kibum and Hankyung). I hope this can be another home for ELF around the world. We can share the loves, share the stories about our boys, share the feelings towards our boys, we can share everything here. And I promise, this Sapphire Blue Ocean will lasts FOREVER. ELF, are you ready to join me? Let’s swim in this Sapphire Blue ocean!!!  ♥

♥Everlasting Pearl Sapphire Blue Ocean ♥